Information Cyber Security

Information security refers to all levels of cyber security. Information storage is of primary importance for corporations, states and individuals as users of the Internet. Information cyber security is aimed at securing data. Corporations, states and individuals implement security policies, plans and strategies in order to prevent a cyber attack and keep the information safe. Information cyber security differs from national and corporate security as it has the only purpose – maintaining the information and its security. The information security strategy is a part of a corporation’s strategic planning, a part of the security tools used by an individual. The strategy serves as a plan of actions for implementing and maintaining the security level. The strategy denotes the information security program and contains activities and processes that are required for effective work and data storage. Information cyber security strategic plan includes the protection of data considering the operating conditions, culture and mission of a corporation.

Information security policy is a collection of major principles of a corporation that establishes the limits of information usage. Some corporations have a strict policy concerning collecting data by its employees. They prohibit opening and copying any files on a working computer in order to protect the organization from any kind of threat. Moreover, there exists a security control, such as separation of duties, access control, authentification and authorization, etc.