Guide to Vulnerability Assessment and its Remediation

A vulnerability in your network, as described by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S.) is “a weakness in an information system, system security procedures, internal controls, or implementation that could be exploited by a threat source.”

Why is Vulnerability Assessment crucially important for your organization?

Neglecting the cybersecurity of an organization can bring immeasurable consequences, costing them years of efficiency and growth. It’s not just the annual revenue they lose out on, but their reputation in the industry as well as their loyal clientele. Regular employment of vulnerability assessment tools can save organizations not only their funds but their invaluable data and credibility. Once the vulnerability is analyzed, the changes can be implemented to minimize the threat and ensure the complete security of the network. These changes can vary from installing tools to opening new ports, or sometimes even moving the whole network to the cloud.

How do Cyber-Smart companies safeguard their system?

Above all, the first thing that cyber-smart companies recognize is how cybercriminals all around the world see their network loopholes as desserts they can devour. They constantly scrutinize the internet for weaknesses that can also turn out to be a weak spot in your network. Cyber-smart companies understand the value of assessing these vulnerable points before they fall victim to cybercrime. Certainly, there are numerous viruses and vulnerabilities out there that are fully capable of threatening a business’ growth.