your business at stake

We do believe in healthy sense of paranoia. Not the paranoia,
which makes us feverishly try to distinguish ourselves from our
competitors, but the paranoia, which makes us feel the iron hand
of competition and gives us the stimulus to constantly develop
and improve.

It is difficult to survive in the media, where everybody claims
he is the best and where somebody is indeed better than you. It
prompted us the idea of carrying out a kind of analysis of the
products offered on the Web, similar to Esvon Classifieds. In no
shape of form, we are going to judge or criticize the web
applications, listed below.

The search engine has brought us to the following

The first impression is that Realty Manager is quite a
professional solution. Scanning the pages, and studying this
product more carefully we learn that the script is realized
using Perl and text files and its functionality is really worth
being paid for. PHP/MySQL and Perl ext files solutions don’t
have any distinction in kind when it comes to their
functionality. But PHP code is more consistent and modular and
it runs faster. The advantage of PHP is also the ubiquity of web
server platforms supporting PHP and MySQL. Fact: Over 25% of the
internet’s web sites are running PHP and nearly 63% of the
internet’s web sites are running the Apache web server, so give
it a thought.

Those, who have encountered the problem of a script running
slowly, probably know, that the faster grows your database of
users, the slower your script works. In the end, it just breaks.
(it happens because it is based on text files). Thus, such
solution can be used only when the web site you are going to
build is simple.

Moreover, with their license you are not allowed to edit