Will TOGAF Guarantee Business Success?

Many commercial organisations are fully indebted to the progress within TOGAF and it is being adopted by many of the larger business groups. But what is this TOGAF, I hear some of you asking?TOGAF stands for The Open Group Architecture Framework and essentially it allows for the optimised design, implementation and monitoring of the ideal structure for an organisation or business.The basic core foundation of TOGAF is the ADM or Architecture Development Method. This is a proven process for building an IT enterprise structure that will meet the developing needs of a growing business.The Open Group Architecture Framework is in essence a framework guideline. It consists of an exact method and a unit of necessary, supporting tools that can be used for forming an https://rtpslot368.biz/

enterprise architecture system.TOGAF is obtainable to be used, without encumbrance, by any commercial or other organization wishing to develop enterprise architecture. It was developed by the membership of The Open Group, working within the Architecture Forum. The initial creation of TOGAF Version 1 in 1995 was founded on the Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management (TAFIM), developed by the US Department of Defence. This government department allowed The Open Group exact permission and assistance to devise TOGAF by building on the TAFIM. The latter organisation came into life as a result of many years of investment and development by the US government.Using this steady and positive foundation as their beginning, the membership of The Open Group Architecture Forum has produced successive versions of TOGAF each year. These yearly editions are then published on the official Open Group web site for viewing by interested parties.Many professional people now inquire about TOGAF Certification to enhance heir careers. It is now looked upon as a worthwhile qualification to possess and is likely to become increasingly needed.The TOGAF certification program is intended for architecture service providers and tools vendors. It helps them to prove, by demonstration, that their services or products normally support the enterprise architect using ADM.It is significant to note that ADM complements and can also be used in conjunction with all major frameworks.The TOGAF certification program has been used by individuals, trainers, professional service providers and for technical, tool support.To its credit, The Open Group’s architecture framework, TOGAF, and TOGAF ADM have been constantly enhanced and developed since the middle of the 1990’s by The Open Group Architecture Forum. This forum consists of experienced and senior representatives of most of the leading, global IT vendors and customers from trade and non commercial organisations.