Las Vegas Web Design Company Or Las Vegas Web Designer?

Who should you hire? Choose wisely, and your business can rocket to the moon! Choose poorly, and you may just end up burying your hopes and dreams in the desert forever. The following is a review of web design in Las Vegas and pointers for contracting the right Las Vegas web design firm or Las Vegas web designer for your needs.

1. What’s the difference between a Las Vegas web designer and Las Vegas web developer?

Traditionally, a web designer is a person skilled in the visual, graphical design and https://designwebs.infolayout of websites, while a web developer is a person specializing in website programming, or making the site function. However, the lines have become blurred. Often times the terms are used interchangeably, and in a lot of situations both web designers and web developers can do the same work.

2. Should I hire a Las Vegas web design company, or a freelance or independent web designer?

It’s usually best to hire a full-service Las Vegas web design company. A web design company can provide additional expertise in online branding, website marketing, web programming and search engine marketing that an independent designer simply can’t match. But, your decision will most likely boil down to budget. Freelancers do fill a need and can provide quality service for cash-strapped entrepreneurs.

3. What kind of experience should my designer have?

Las Vegas website design, and website design in general, is competitive and growing. To separate the men from the boys, first look for an established Las Vegas website design firm. Have they been in business for more than a few years? Hotshot new design firms pop every day, but the longer a web design firm has been in business, it’s usually a good indicator that the firm is reliable, provides quality service, and won’t pack up and disappear overnight.

Second, you’ll want to hire a Las Vegas web design company that understands the big picture. Does the firm understand your overall marketing objectives and how your website will help you reach those goals? Simply putting up a website is half the battle. Hire a web designer or web developer that can help you integrate your offline advertising and marketing with your website, online presence and search engine marketing.

4. How do I evaluate Las Vegas web designers’ portfolios before making a decision?

After making a short list of Las Vegas web designers and Las Vegas web design companies to contact, review each of their design portfolios. Set your subjective preferences aside when critiquing portfolios.

Although you might not like specific colors, fonts and graphics used, the goal is to understand why the designer used those elements, how those elements played into the client’s marketing objectives, and if the website succeeded in producing the desired results. And, keep in mind; don’t rule out a design firm simply because they are inexperienced in your industry. Most web designers with a broad skill set should be able to get up to speed with your industry quickly.