Internet Marketing Time is NOT on Your Side

Regardless of what the classic Rolling Stones’ song may say, time is NOT on your side . While reading one of the many technology publications sent to me, it was factually stated by one editor’s comments to which I will paraphrase: “Although 2002 will not be the recovery in the technology sector that folks would hope for, it certainly should not be underestimated. The prize will go to those companies that keep their IT program
moving and growing while their competitors think, rethink, and overly analyze every move until which time as the decision will have to be made at a much higher price. In time, cost, lost revenues and opportunities.”

We all seem to never have enough time. It is simply a matter of prioritizing. culture that is one of workaholics, more time dedicated to making money to support our style of living and need to acquire more “things” rather than what is truly important – living and enjoying life, family and friends. Yes, you need to work hard to be financially secure, but I do feel that we have gone to the extreme in that many of the “things” folks work for really are not those that are important to truly being happy. But we’ll leave that discussion for another day; another site. 😉

You’ve all heard the term “Internet Time”, right? What that means is that time in regards to technology is going at warp speed. This gig is simply not slowing for any of us. With technology evolving so quickly added to the already previously established “emergency mode” mentality, time is simply not on your side. Actually, online, time can be your enemy if not used properly. If you don’t grab the time to learn, do, plan and react at that specific point in time you may find it will be impossible to catch-up down the road.