Sucess Begins With Self Image ANd Self Hypnosis

Without doubt the most common cause of failure in life is a damaged self image. Having a poor self image or a self image that does not reflect your true magnificence always leads to diminished results in your undertakings.


The good news is that you can change your self image. Through the use of tools such as hypnosis it is possible to build a new set of beliefs that reflect the person you wish to be.

People who achieve success in life have a strong sense of themselves. They have a positive self image that reinforces their efforts. Conversely, those people who always seem to fail, no matter how hard they try, have low self esteem and a self image that is far less than who they actually are. They believe that they are not good enough!

The purpose of things like personal development, self improvement andof even psychology is to alter your own self perception. They are designed to build up your self esteem, self confidence and change your self image. They are structured in a way to help you improve your self image. Because self image is everything!

Have you ever seen a very physically attractive person who catches your eye then after spending some time with them you find them much less desirable? Likewise, have you ever met a person who is not classically beautiful or handsome yet they radiate a charm and self confidence that makes them very attractive and desirable?


If you feel attractive inside then you will project this on the outside. Your self image will be of an attractive person regardless of how you look physically. Whatever you hold in mind really does become true for you. Your self image is just a set of beliefs that you hold in mind about yourself and your beliefs can be changed!

Your self image determines not only how you interact with other people but it also determines how you interact with the world and your environment. Take Donald Trump, the billionaire who owns a large portion of Manhattan. Are you aware that Trump has went from riches to being broke more than once? How did he build back his wealth? You may suppose that he still had contacts and that he had the knowledge and skill to rebuild it but the truth is his self image is one of a billionaire. Therefore, no matter how many times he loses his money, as long as he believes himself to be a billionaire, he will regain his wealth! One of the times when he was b